Seize the day with your wedding photographer

February 25, 2016

When your special day comes, forget management: do your best to lean into your joy and let go of all the worries and organizational frames of mind you relied on during all these months. Live every moment, taste the magic of this day, feel the warmth of your beloved ones and record in your mind every single second of your spouse’s smile.
Talking about frames and images that will last forever, you have to trust your wedding photographer. If they’re true professionals, they can capture every unexpected glimpse of beauty around you and within you. The work you receive will complete your emotions and will allow you to live your special day again and again, from brand new points of view.
We asked Paolo D’Onofrio, professional wedding photographer, a few little tips to choose your image professional wisely. “Meeting the professional in real life is fundamental: don’t rely on e-mail exchanges only, or on cold business estimates without a face-to-face approach. Let them show you their previous work and ask them to provide everything you need in order to have a clear idea of their style and work attitude. Try to talk about timing, too, and how they follow the couple in each of their moments, from the morning preparations til the celebrations”.
Don’t go amateur on such a special occasion: you will end up with a bunch of poor quality pictures you actually wouldn’t want to keep. Narrative is what makes the real difference between an amateur and an experienced professional, because it allows to have a timeline of how the day unfolds.