How long does it take to have a tailor made wedding dress?

November 3, 2015

If the choice of your wedding dress is surely one of the most exciting moments of your wedding countdown, it is also true that it must be planned well in advance. The creation of each handcrafted and tailor made wedding dress has its own, very unique path. However, with a little generalization, we can provide quite a useful scenario on how long it may take from scratch to purchase. Ready to take notes?

First off: consider at least 5-6 months for a unique model, designed exactly the way you want, and maybe not directly taken from a bridal collection. In case you ask your stylist for a personalized model, you have to keep in mind that many elements would be created and produced ad hoc, exclusively for you (details or lace embroideries, for instance), and this alone takes time. Where shall you start from, anyway?

Step 1: your first day in a bridal atelier. You surfed the web for months and found the style that suits you best. Now you’re finally there, and all you should do is… try. Find the gowns you like, try them all, don’t be shy, be objective and, if you can, get some real time feedback from your beloved ones. Don’t despair if you can’t find the models you were looking for in the web pages you bookmarked with so much enthusiasm. Be as open as you can, be curious, get inspired. Also, bear in mind that wearing a wedding gown is not exactly like trying a pair of jeans. Be prepared for an emotional and brand-new version of yourself in front of the mirror and ask advice to the staff whenever you can.

Step 2: Your second appointment in the bridal atelier. So you finally liked that particular atelier, with that very kind and professional staff and that couple of gowns you most liked, or that very specific one you agreed with the assistants or directly with the stylist. This moment should happen approximately a couple of months after your first day in the atelier and your ideas should be much clearer now on what you want and on what you absolutely don’t. Prior to this second appointment, thinking of shoes, underwear and specific accessories (veils or shawls, for instance) is crucial. The second time you try your dress in the atelier you should have your bridal shoes and underwear with you already, so that the length of the skirt can be adjusted in accordance with the height of your heels and you can decide whether that underwear fits well with your gown.

Step 3: Your last appointment. Before you finally take your wedding dress home with you, there should be a third and final appointment in your bridal atelier, especially if we’re talking about a completely tailor made model. This should happen approximately a couple of weeks before your wedding date. Our tip: get there with your official bridal make-up on and with the hair style you chose for your day, so that you can see the global effect and check whether you like yourself or if there’s any last minute change you would like to make. The countdown should be almost over at this time: enjoy your emotions and have a blast!

Is there anything you would like to add to this list, or any doubts you have? Let us know in the comments down below!