So many ways to tell about love

April 15, 2015

The sense of anticipation couldn’t make her sleep all night, “but then the joyful emotions won the fight and let me live everything fully!”, says Francesca. There are so many ways to tell about love. This is how her wedding started, last May 25th, the day of her “I do” to Marco.

“For our wedding we sought peace and serenity” – says the bride – “so we decided to celebrate in our hometown, Bassano Romano”, in the area of Viterbo, Italy. For the religious ceremony, Francesca and Marco chose the Church of Castel Sant’Elia. Their guests were all welcome afterwards in the Casina di Poggio della Rota because, she tells us, “I think wedding is fueled by emotions. We followed the preparations online and we didn’t have much time to organize it (we live in Padua). What led us to our solutions was just pure emotion, gut feelings”. They thought of everything by themselves: “We had very clear ideas since the very beginning and it was great to organize and make choices together”. Their wedding had no unique theme: the decorations were shabby chic styled and the main color all around was pink. Francesca’s dress was white, signed by Elisabetta Polignano: “I wanted something cool and elegant at the same time”, confesses Francesca. Her dress had a tight corsage that falls down smoothly, embroideries on the sides, a V neckline, a long train and a veil. Her make-up was very light. Her hair was kept up on a side and decorated with a peony on one side, thanks to the make-up artist’s last minute insight.

The tableau’s choice was neat. Francesca and Marco are a rather young married couple, for the Italian standards: she is 26, he is 28. “We didn’t want to organize something boring or too classic”, says Francesca. So the tableau was a mirror in a white frame and supported by an olive tree in the Casina’s yard. On the mirror, they put the map of the tables. Each table was named after an emotion matched with love, so the map had several lovely sentences to indicate each table: “Love is madness, kindness, patience, cheerfulness…”. This choice was dedicated to their own love story, says Francesca, which started slowly but then burst out in joy. As in “Il più grande spettacolo dopo il Big Bang” (i.e.: “The greatest show after the Big Bang”), that hit by Jovanotti with which they celebrated with their beloved ones.