“The gown has to express freedom. The bride must be relaxed and she must have a tailor made dress, in every sense: perfect for her physique and as well as her personality. Only when this happens the bride is able to express herself to the utmost and to valorize the dress she is wearing”.

Dario Mongioy, General Manager.

The gown dresses the personality of every woman: this is the recurring theme of all her creations, the ideal that has always inspired the designer. Every day, Elisabetta experiences her tailoring workshop up close, uniting fine tradition and stylistic innovation in gowns that are 100% made in Italy: created, designed and made by her in person. And every dress – like every personality – is unique and strives towards perfection.


Elisabetta finds the inspiration for her creations in two virtually inexhaustible sources: on the one hand, the reality that surrounds her – consisting of travel, reading, cinema, theatre – but also of unusual everyday details. On the other hand, the brides: she loves meeting them personally to hear their wishes and sense their personalities.

Elisabetta’s empathy, dedication and attention for details work in synchrony to honor and express her brides’ personality. The stylist’s creativity adds the final, entirely personal touch, which is pure magic.