Sweet tooth? 3 ideas for your perfect wedding cake!

September 8, 2015

You thought of everything and beyond when it comes to feeding your guests on your wedding day: finger foods, healthy foods, creative nouvelle cuisine, vegan options… but you know there is one category of guests whose expectations cannot be disappointed, especially because you belong there as well: the sweet tooths. If you’re still postponing your decisions on your wedding cake, here’s a little brainstorming to help you choose the sweet superstar of your wedding lunch.

wedding cake

Idea #1: Have it naked!

Make beauty, not frost! If there’s a motto for this new cake craze, it surely sounds as hippie as that: cool cakes are all naked these days, wedding cakes included. Exposed looks are stunning on multiple layer cakes and possibilities of decorations are virtually endless! Fresh berries, roses and ribbons are only few of the classy options you may want to choose to make your multi-layered sweet dream even more elegant and appetizing.

wedding cake

Idea #2: Make a statement

If frost-free is not in your vibes and you’re in for a more traditional, but still very elegant, multi-layered wedding cake format, you can still use your talent and creativity to express yourself and your partner’s idea through a stunning cake topper. It may be your favorite quote from a book you loved or from your favorite love song. Let your creativity flow and don’t forget to browse online stores for some crafty inspiration.

wedding cake

Idea #3: Think different

Thing is, you’re too creative for this world and the problem is actually rooted in choosing just one wedding cake. Not a problem at all, then: choose many! More and more brides these days are choosing cupcakes along with their big, mouthwatering queen, or as a substitute for it. Use your lateral thinking skills to choose different tastes, frostings and decorations and get ready to surprise everyone!

Do you have anything to add to this list? Let us know in the comments down below!

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