The first dress rehearsal: Rachele’s choice

December 2, 2014

Today is a crucial day. Rachele is the girl chosen by Elisabetta Polignano in her live casting shown in the previous episodes and today she will choose her wedding dress. She will experience the unique chance to meet the stylist in her main atelier in Oleggio, not too far from the international airport of Milan Malpensa. She will see (and touch!) the magnificent fabrics of the majestic dresses designed by Elisabetta. And she will most of all have her first dress rehearsal in front of the happy and spoiled eyes of her mother and of her best friend, Eleonora. What will she see in front of the mirror? And how would you choose the perfect wedding dress? If you’re looking for it and you can’t wait to wear it, this third episode of My Wedding Dress is for you! Get the tissues ready: you are about to experience the unique emotion of entering Elisabetta’s exclusive atelier. A stunning and very special adventure.

In this episode you will find Elisabetta’s advices to you and to all the brieds-to-be. You will discover that special bond of trust and complicity between the stylist and every woman close to her. “For me, the first dress rehearsal is first of all listening time. I need it to understand what each bride’s dreams are, her personality, what she truly is, her life path” – Elisabetta explains –. “Then there’s a second phase, when the gown is actually dressed upon: my mission here is not simply to give every girl a dress they choose with their eyes. My mission, is to give them the dress they choose with their heart”.

In this episode, Rachele is accompanied by her mother and her best friend Eleonora: they are there with her to help her choose the dress for her most important day. Eleonora was the one who signed her up to the casting ‘2.0’: she wanted to make a surprise to her. She was also the one who received the first phone call from Elisabetta’s staff, and the first one to know she will be the protagonist of My Wedding Dress.

“When they called me I was at work and I couldn’t believe it” – tells Rachele, overwhelmed with emotions, – “Now I feel like I’m living a dream”.