A self-care guide for a radiant wedding skin

February 23, 2016

Here are four tips of daily, loving skincare to let you shine healthily on your very special day and have a radiant wedding skin that will make all your guests wonder whether they remember your age correctly!

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Three mindful tips for a smart wedding registry

January 14, 2016

Some people say one of the funniest thing of getting married is receiving the gifts of a lifetime without regret. Do you agree with this? Whereas we hope you get anything you and your spouse most wish, we are also here to help with a few tips to fill your wedding registry the smartest way […]

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Get ready for your wedding make-up session!

January 12, 2016

Every bride-to-be knows that wedding make-up sessions are something that shouldn’t be overlooked, because that’s what counts in getting a final picture of the chosen wedding style. But what are the secrets to look gorgeous even when the sun shines at midday? We asked our make-up artist Zaira Fontaneto to tell us something about this […]

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Unmissable styling tips for your groom

December 1, 2015

We love to provide you the best wedding tips, accompanying you in every step of your preparations of your special day. We know that taking care of you in this phase of your life would also mean to take care to your soon-to-be life partner. So we’re here to give a little attention to your […]

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