Bridal collections 2016: a homage to femininity and to India’s charm

May 28, 2015

It’s about time we let you experience a unique emotion in our yearly appointment: we are finally proud to present you Elisabetta Polignano‘s bridal collections 2016, a true homage to the Feminine Goddess that hides and throbs in every woman’s essence. Source of inspiration are the colors, the scents and the eternal charm of India. The fashion show that you could follow live on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+) was held at the elegant and magical location of Palazzo Visconti, in the heart of Milan.

The Bridal Collections 2016” – explains Elisabetta – celebrate feminine beauty in her sublime essentiality and give light to what is sacred and admirable in every woman, without exaggeration”. Precious and originally handcrafted gowns, ideated and made entirely by the stylist, are chosen with selected and 100% Italian fabrics and silks. Among the most outstanding colors, there are splendid shades of gold and silver; the sophistication of grey and azure; the bursting energy of yellow and orange. “In each of the three Bridal Lines 2016 (EP, Vision, and Signature) I wanted to enhance that desire of rediscovering the original, true, deep and pure values that are intrinsic to an eternal love vow”, adds Elisabetta.

You can appreciate how the multifunctional veils become stoles and headdresses, or how the colorful necklaces, bracelets and pendants illuminate the faces and enrich the hairstyles, as well as the jeweled and pretty shoes and stilettos, and the natural shades of golden henné, which creates fascinating geometries on the models hands.

Every detail is finely curated, as well as the many accessories, because it is all dedicated to you and to your unique and unforgettable, most special day of your life.