Radical enchantment: the new bridal collection 2016

June 30, 2015

If we had to choose only one definition for how we felt last May 22nd in Milan, it would be this: radical enchantment. Nothing less. Elisabetta Polignano’s bridal collection 2016 were presented to the press in the exclusive and charming location of Palazzo Visconti in San Babila, the upper class neighborhood in the heart of Milan, Italy. The splendor of the neo-baroque frescos and decorations of this palace, so rich and iconic of part of our Western culture, provided the most sublime and enjoyable contrast to what Elisabetta brought to our attention: India’s charm, in the first place, and her interpretation of one of its cultural values, the sacrality of the womanly essence. Elisabetta’s brides were feminine goddesses on the catwalk, all covered in magnificent brocade fabrics, colored in gold, silver, greys like soil, yellow, orange, and all the shades of the Indian spices. This sacred feminine essence was connected by Elisabetta to the idea of the eternal love vow, which is signified by a marriage. She created something truly unique, beyond all archetypes, stylistically bold and very new.

The first impressions were all enthusiastic. We interviewed Rachel Leonard, Fashion Director at Brides USA, who loved the Indian theme and Polignano’s styling: “Her fit is pretty and I love all the sculptural pieces and the flowiness of the dresses”, she said. “They were structured and flowy, almost boho-look for a part of the collection. She played with a wide variety of fabrics, the prints were very pretty, in soft and nude colors. I think lots of girls will be intrigued by these little color accents and details”. Giuliana Parabiago, editor-in-chief at Vogue Sposa, appreciated Elisabetta’s stylistic harmony, despite the radically new concepts that have been presented: “There’s a surprise factor – and I reckon a wedding dress must make you gasp and leave you pleasantly surprised. Elisabetta used tridimensional fabrics, wrapping them up in order to create stoles or ribbons. I saw new colors, such as silver and gold, but the use of them is like a delicate touch that enriches the dresses. The entire collection is stylistically very well balanced.” The contrast that the unexpected elements gave to the gowns remain harmonic, and all the stylistic novelty remains true to the bride, “which is still the main aspect, for me”, says Giuliana.

Dorothy Silver, Sales and Merchandising Director at Kleinfeld, literally can’t wait to see the collection up close: “I loved the idea of the mixing of metallic details and the sheerness of the gowns” she commented, “I found the collection very modern and right on the bride today. The introduction of flowers is very very special and very very now. There was a lot of beautiful fabrics, embroideries and metallics all mixed in a really special way, it makes the bride almost one of a kind. I loved the collection, I can’t wait to touch the fabrics”.

Livia Dell’Orefice, owner of the popular Italian atelier Il Giardino Fiorito Delle Spose, shared her enthusiasm with us: “The dresses were amazing, both in the signature structures and in the fluttering of the vision! Elisabetta really outdid herself with this collection. Eventually Milan is getting back on track. Elisabetta Polignano’s ‘made in Italy’ brings us back to a true and passionate idea of fashion. I was literally blown away”.

What’s your opinion? Are you charmed by these new collections? Watch the video above and let us know in the comments.