Bonbonnieres and wedding favors: time management and rituals

February 16, 2016

Thanking your wedding guests for being basically awesome is something you should pinpoint in your to-do list: gratitude requires whole-hearted dedication and a bit of strategic thinking, so take your time to think how you would like to say your guests they’ve been the best ever.
Besides dedicated thank you notes for the participation attendants and personal thanks for everyone who sent you gifts, you shouldn’t underestimate the lovely power of bonbonnieres and wedding favors in order to let your gratitude shine authentically and wholly.

We suggest you to start planning your wedding favors at least three months before your wedding, because they need to be ordered and they may take time for delivery, depending on the type of favors you choose, on the store and on the number of your guests. If you order traditional bonbonnieres – the one containing white almond sugar covered confetti – don’t wait too long before placing your order, especially if the store you choose is the one who both has to order your confetti from a supplier and to craft the packaging for you.
Galateo rules of manner say that the most elegant move is to send your bonbonnieres to your guests approximately twenty days before your wedding, but most couples prefer to hand them directly on their special day, and that’s okay: elegance and whole-heartedness don’t always walk hand in hand.

In the Italian traditions, the bride is the one who hands the bonbonnieres to the guests at the end of the celebrations, usually helped by a bridesmaid. Two bonbonnieres go to fiancées, one bonbonniere to families. Bestmen and women get a bonbonniere each and a more significant gift for their special role. Brides usually send a little bag of confetti even to uninvited guests or to those who could not make it to the wedding. Hint: if you like this habit, don’t forget to order some extra bonbonnieres for possible unforeseen scenarios – like last minute guests.

Another secret from the Italian wedding traditions: confetti should always be packed in an odd number, because they roughly represent “indivisibility”. They usually are five, because they should also represent specific values: happiness, health, fertility, longevity and wealth. Bonbonnieres should also be equipped with a little note that simply reports the spouses’ names and the date of your special day.

Do you have any questions or any curiosity? What will your wedding favors look like? Let us know in the comments down below!

(Photo credits: Zankyou Weddings)