Seize the day with your wedding photographer

February 25, 2016

You have to trust your wedding photographer. If they’re true professionals, they can capture every unexpected glimpse of beauty around you and within you. Find out how to choose a great wedding photographer with a few tips by Paolo D’Onofrio.

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A self-care guide for a radiant wedding skin

February 23, 2016

Here are four tips of daily, loving skincare to let you shine healthily on your very special day and have a radiant wedding skin that will make all your guests wonder whether they remember your age correctly!

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Romance on the hills: Giulia and Angelo’s wedding story

February 18, 2016

“He got down on bended knee and gave me a ring. It was so poignant because he involved all of our best friends!”. Find more on Giulia and Angelo’s wedding story.

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Bonbonnieres and wedding favors: time management and rituals

February 16, 2016

Thanking your wedding guests for being basically awesome is something you should pinpoint in your to-do list: let’s talk about your bonbonnieres and wedding favors.

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